1. My Secret Garden Live at Latin Quarter, Tokyo in Japan 3rd April, 1983. This was recorded for my private collection, NOT BOOTLEG! “Latin Quarter” DM perfo…

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  • Thank you so much for uploading this nice stuff of the earlier DM days

  • no seas mamon japon mis huevos depeche mode en ese año no fueron a japon eres un pinche charlatan culero chinga tu madre puto

  • Probably one of the best from Depeche Mode… Almost 30 years old and very few songs can come close to this… Domo marigato!

  • incredible!…. i am a DM fan since ‘see you’ came out, seen a lot of crap in youtube regarding depeche mode but i really are deeply grateful hearing this here and now.

    you sir, have just invented a musical-time machine! :o)

  • Great listening to this. I’m originally from England and have been living in Japan now for 4 years. I liked hearing the women chatting over the intro! I could actually understand some of what they were saying. Was strange too as I went to a live house in Akasaka last week. I can imagine a similar atmosphere even in 1983.

    Most important though, great song. I love Leave In Silence too.

    I’m living in Taito Ku. Please mail me!