DEPECHE MODE - Live @ London 1982

25.10.1982 | Hammersmith Odeon Setlist: 01. Oberkorn (It’s a Small Town) 02. My Secret Garden 03. See You 04. Satellite 05. New Life 06. Boys Say Go 07. Tora…

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  • 25.10? MY BIRTHDAY! Hahahaha, this concert is amazing. LOVE Depeche Mode.

  • Hard to picture Dave at 20 years of age wearing his trademark black vest and tuxedo pants.

  • saw this on Danish national TV as a kid. Loved it back then

  • Amazing… First there was nothing…then there was Depeche Mode!!!
    Why wasn´t I there???!!!

  • Депеш Мод- русская народная команда, неепёт=)

  • Performance impecável, mesmo com pouca tecnologia na época. Mágicos da música!!!

  • Perfeito! Depeche Mode eternamente. Uma das melhores bandas de todos os tempos. Inquestionável!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello the language is Danish

    And you can count on that cause I´m danish

  • 32:34 Dave and Alan smile so good to see this :))… please someone turn back the time again…

  • What a treasure!!! Thanks for sharing it! I just wonder what the guys would say watching themselves after 31 years! :)

  • I watch this now from start to end 4 times. flame xiii thank you as the sound quality is very nice

  • genial de todos años 1981 a …………. genial depeche mode que tiempos música no lo que hay ahora nada mas que penassssssssssss

  • I like this. I listen to a broken frame album a lot last few weeks and I always liked but wasn’t born when it was made. My mom died last year and it was one of her albums in collection on vinyl.

  • Bah alors, Dave n’a pas lâché le marcel ?
    Merci pour cette vidéo (jamais vue en ce qui me concerne) qui m’a rappelé le temps où j’écoutais en boucle les 4 maxis bleu, rouge, vert et jaune.

  • Nostalgia kills – but at least you die smiling :D

    Memories, memories… 24 carat gold stuff.