Depeche Mode live at Olympiahalle, Munich 17 October 1990. Full show from an unknown generation VHS copy synced with an unknown stereo audio. Edited & re-pitched by me. For fans only never sell. Always support the band and buy their records and merch.

Another one from Rocker’s.

Many thanks to the taper and filmer, you both have done an amazing job! Full respect to anyone who managed to bring in bulky stuff like a hi8 camcorder in the 80/90’s.

Got to say syncing an analogue audio on this tape was a challange as none of them were in the right pitch let alone all the random cuts and glitches that would appear here and there. In the end it had to be manually synced song by song. Hope I have done it justice.

Hopefully it’s a good upgrade to all other sources available on YouTube. All I have seen so far are in mono quality.


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