Jennifer Gahan and Marts daughter!

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  • jennifer is watching him closely… i’m watching him for 20 years but from
    miles away….i feel a little jealousy! he,he that’s life!

  • i heat jennifer!!! wajajajaja… viva is very pretty!!! =D … i love Dave

  • @DMNKOTBINXSU2 you heat Jennifer???? If you mean hate, why? If you love
    Dave you must love her too! She is good for him and he is happy!!!

  • I’m pretty sure that the young woman at the bottom right of the frame
    during 0:06 is Megan, Fletch’s daughter. She was also present at the RAH
    concert and she and Viva can often be seen together. She’s probably taking
    pics of her dad. :)

  • thak you for talk me i himself the english thanks for tell me who is the
    other women thank you

  • @davesredrose Yeahhhhrrr thats right! ;-) But we suffer well!

  • @Prinzerolleda Hahaha, yeah, she probably doesn’t need that many photos of
    him! :) You’re welcome.

  • @estebanDM514 Sorry, I speak no Spanish! Want you to know who is the lady
    in white? It`s Viva- Lee Gore! We have met them already before the hall! I
    could recognise them inside only by the dress! ;-)

  • @FuellingObsession Oh Yes, now where you say it! She is it! Thank you for
    the tip! What photos is she making there??? Do they look not always alike,
    with Fletch? ;-)

  • @DMNKOTBINXSU2 What I meant to say was that not only Viva can be seen
    there, but Megan also. They are there together. In the description of the
    uploader (Prinzerolleda), only Viva was mentioned and not Megan also.