DEPECHE MODE – Martin Gore – Extrait de “Rapido”
DEPECHE MODE - Martin Gore - Extrait de "Rapido"

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  • Ty za język Dave’a, a ja za widok Marta w tych skorzanych

  • “What are you doing here?” -“Eh, Depeche Mode.” …I wish I could do
    Depeche Mode… (sorry, I’m a perv)

  • I love the way Martin Gore sings the song “Strangelove” acoustically on his
    guitar. Depeche Mode rocks <3

  • I love Martin Gore, he’s the best singer my ears ever heard! XD

  • if someone have it..please contact me for mi youtube page :)

  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Dave! You torture me! Oh god, YES! *cries* C’EST

  • omg that strangelove bare is a must have for me! does one exist?

  • C’était le plus mignon lui?? Quest-ce que ça doit être le plus moche XD

  • Too much cuteness! Martin with those black little shorts on! sexy!

  • *blushe* eeem, nope, I think I haven’t done it yet, so I’m gonna do it
    soon! XD I can’t do anything with me, I can’t avoid commenting every Martin
    video XDDD Aaaw, sweet, nice to meet you here;)

  • I love Martin’s floof here and I also love that tongue thing Dave is