Martins Birthday,and the czech fanclub had arranged a surprise for Martin. A real fanaktion.Martin seemed really overwhelmed. Setlist,part3: *HigherLove -Hap…
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  • Thank so very much for sharing this and all others, fuckingdevotee. I am sickly smitten with Martin.

  • I don´t judge Dave, only told my own experience, that´s all…

  • And U wont beleive it but Dave is the talkative part of the band and Fletch.Always Dave talks to fans and Mart just smiling or just give autographs. Fans like more Dave in US for his open-personed. But off course we adore all of them.

  • In Nice , Dave was the one who came to the fans before concert and started speakin..He doesnt like meeting anyone after concert. He wanna go straight to hotel have a shower. Probably that was the reason. In Warsaw also he came to fans and started speakin and givin autograms. All of them R kind beleive me:) lovely persons dont judge them!

  • He’s been signing autographs, smiling to fans etc. for 30+ years. Don’t you think he might be tired after all this time, plus running around the stage and singing for 2 hours ? Don’t gt upset, but I don’t know what do you expect from him, he’s not a monkey in a circus but a normal human being like me and you…

  • he is not very friendly to fans out of stage. He didn´t look at fans while he was giving some signs to them and didn´t smile at them, he did it all like he was a robot without any emotions in Prague. He was desinterested in it… Maybe he had the bad mood but this not happen for the first time. Martin is much more friendly.

  • Точно. Текст обрезается на многоточии…

  • When a lot of love and mutual respect meet, it must end with tears. Tears of joy :)))
    Once again – Well done, guys!! And keep loving (music, and each other :)))

  • Thank you .)
    It was incredibly touching with Martin singing with the eyes closed “Heaven bound on the wings of love / There’s so much that you can rise above” – it moved me to tears standing there with the “HB” transparent.

  • Написанно-ж вроде – Прага, Чехия. ) В Будапеште он что-то мало спел.

  • Haha, Martin is still so very shy! He seemed very surprised though. Thank you Czech fans for showing him your love! We all appreciate it!