Before we officially appeared into the open as ‘Metroland’, we both already toyed with the idea of doing a more synth-pop based band. We did an attempt by recording a four track demo with a female singer. Unfortunately it lasted no longer than the demo.

Still, we consider it very likely that the true Metroland spark was founded several years ago, when we saw the chance to play around with multi tracks from some bands on the famous Mute Records label. In those pre-Metroland days we had the nice opportunity to remix none less than Erasure, Moby, Komputer and Depeche Mode.

With this Depeche Mode remix we did not go any further than our own extended version, rather than making another of those daunted club mixes. This version was never published or put out into the open but as mentioned, we do now consider this as a very early Metroland version, and thus it carries the label Metroland Extended

7 Years after doing the remix, we decided not to keep this longer in our vault! Music is simply something to enjoy, so do enjoy our extended mix of Depeche Mode – Martyr.
A version once created by the two persons who are now behind Metroland.

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