Depeche Mode — Master And Servant (Live At The Pasadena Rose Bowl, June 18th 1988)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • 1 person didn’t like to be treated like a dog and be down on his knees.

  • I was there (as video crew). That was one of the best concerts I ever saw!

  • Dave and Alan are amazing!! They rock, i do not care if people think
    they’re gay!!!!! to me they are HOTT

  • And i hope Depeche come here on Sudamerica!I can´t wait anymore!!But, that
    is just a question of time!!

  • That’s strange, I have the 101 dvd (the one with commentaries from the band
    members) and it does include M&S. It’s the very first song, actually. They
    put it before Pimpf and everything else… Are you sure maybe you didn’t
    just skip through it? ;)

  • Awesome! Does anyone know when the next DM album is due out or when they’re

  • The part where the girl in the audience tries to mimic the roar cracks me

  • not on the 1 i have..even the song somebody is not there.M&S for the
    intro?yes,but not the whole song.anyway,what othr live concerts of this
    magnificent band do you have?

  • You know, I think I had actually read somewhere that some dvd sets for 101
    were supposed to have extra tracks on them. Looks like you might have put a
    finger on which those were… It’s too bad not every set has them. The very
    first live concert I got was Live In Milan, and recently I bought
    Devotional. But I got to say 101 remains number 1 for me.:)