Depeche Mode - Master And Servant *[RARE]*

Depeche Mode 1984 12″ vinyl of Master And Servant U.S. Black & Blue Version edited by Joseph Watt, rare and different version than the Slavery Whip Mix and 7…
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  • being my first 12″ mix ,i got a copy of this in trade for a cassette of ‘ nevermind the bollaks,heres the sexpistols’

  • rare version, tres proche du 45 tours : un bijou , magnifique, rendez vous a montpellier le 21 avril, c est mon anniversaire le lendemain !

  • the best song

    listen to on generation-new-wave.playtheradio . com

  • I was lucky to buy doubles of this from a family member’s brother in law back in the early 90’s..

  • taką muzyke to powinni pokazywać młodym wykonawcom jako wzór którego nigdy nie osiągną

  • I used to have this back in the day. Loved it, though my favorite at the time was the slavery mix. Me and my buddies used to just scream with the Treat Me Like a Dog opening. lol

  • Damn! I used to have this exact same record, and you are right! It can’t be found anywhere!! Thank you for posting this!

  • yeh its rare but back in 1984 for me is the greatest fuckin year of 80s legends releasing there music i was in a kind of gang we hang out at a cricket stand and smoke pot ,cigies felix one of our members rocked up with a cassete that he had recorded 80s tracks onto one of the tracks was MASERVANT ONE OTHER TRACK THAT ANY OF YOU 80S FREAKS THAT WAS ON IT IS A SONG CALLED [I LIKE CHOPAN] CHECK IT OUT PIANO AT THE START THEN GREAT VERSES !!!!!

  • impresionante version…gracias Cristian G ..sos un Master for me..★