Hard to find and still unreleased song that Depeche Mode produced during the PUKsession in 1987. This song is also called Monghi. They should release it, thi…

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  • Hello, Fake ! It’s a track from a French singer “Odile” and It’s called
    “Monghi” (Reste avec moi [1990] 12″ Single; Mute Sonet France )

  • it’s real from the 1989 Violator session, Alan Wilder confirmed it at her

  • It could be definitely 3rd B-Side of Enjoy The silence, together with
    Sibeling and Memphisto.

  • Looks like fake. Google Reste avec moi and listen carefully.Same
    melody.Looks like someone use it to make track.Doubt dm did it.

  • Somepony revisd the LP “Odile -Restec Ave Moi” ? in this, the producer was:
    MARTIN L GORE. He prodeuce “restec ave moi” and the B-Side “Monghi”.
    Conclusion: Is a track of Odile, and MartinL.Gore =DM. Both are the same

  • Sounds like something from the MFTM era. Alan said in one of the DM books
    that there was a song called Mother me, but they never got round to
    finishing it.

  • No Fake. It is from the DM-violator-sessions, but it was then produced by
    Martin Gore for Odile to be the b-side of Reste avec moi. ;)

  • Reminds me of Stjarna (b-side to Little 15) and has many elements from the
    MFTM time-period. “Very filmic”, as Anton Corbijn would say.