Depeche Mode - My Secret Garden (Hammersmith Odeon 25-10-82)

Early DM stuff from the Broken Frame Tour in 1982. This clip comes from the performance at the Hammersmith Odeon they had on 25-10-82. The tracklist is the f…

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  • They should play those special songs nowadays not always the same ones

  • miles better ” live ” its faster , and D.M are always better live , most bands cant even play live,,, never mind to be sounding better !! classico !!!

  • hahahahahahahah esti de tabarnak de coliss ( thats french canadian swearing ) but fuck you made my day hahahahah

  • Every time I listen to this I can hear Martin sings “I love tits”

  • impresionante !!! eternamente en mi Alma..DM..genios Unicos !!!
    gracias Laurita x el Link !!!

  • omg..superb ..i was in the front row right up at the stage ..i was 16 and still love them now

  • This live version are the best version of My Secret Garden general.

  • DM is fantastic but live is …
    UNDERRATED!!! Please DM, come to Brazil!!!

  • i love this song my secret garden 80`s music … they are coming soon to Peru next 13 octuber 2009 .. wonderfull
    my secret garden`s not so secret anymore … alive .. Viva Depeche Mode (Basildon- England)
    ellos son una parte de la mejor epoca de mi vida The 80`s Fernando from Perù … Ave Claudio (Lima-Perù) GREAT DEPECHE MODE

  • Fantastic performance! DM should play again those cool songs on their live concert nowadays!

  • I love this album,,electronic masterpiece…
    every song is perfect
    and you remember that
    My secret garden is not so secret anymore……My very only secret and i had to go and leak it!!!!!!

  • Genau du sagst es. Meiner Meinung nach, ist das auch das beste DM Album aller Zeiten ! Great Work !

  • This album is really great. I loved it i loved her….I love DM for ever