Depeche Mode- «Never let me down again» Berlin Olympiastadium 9/6 2013 HD
Depeche Mode- "Never let me down again" Berlin Olympiastadium 9/6 2013 HD

I still gett goosebumps when I see all these hands in the air……

  • Frontman Dave hat folgende Videos unzählig male studiert: Rolling Stones
    1969 Open Air-Altamount Speedway, Stones 1976 Olympia Paris, Stones 1981
    Sun Devil Stadion Arizona, und einiges von Rod Stewart. Aber, Why not?
    But Jagger ist better. Oh, es reimt sich! Dann muss es wirklich so sein:
    Jagger is better. :)
    Und Martin kopiert Keith Richards…. Ok, das war ein Joke. Er ist komplett
    himself. Gut so.

  • Dublin Concert,,,,,, 2 weeks ago,,, check it out!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A

  • WOW! What an amazing concert that was. The crowd was incredible despite the
    rain. I am still in awe. Thank you very much for uploading this video

  • DM the best group in the Universe !!! ДМ это лучшая группа во Вселенной !!!

  • Electrifying performance of one of Depeche Mode’s best songs. I can feel
    the energy of the crowd through this video. Can’t wait to see them on their
    US tour later this year!!

  • What an amazing show! It was worth getting soaked in the rain to have seen
    this live! Thank you for posting this.