, we are fans of Depeche Mode.

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  • Depeche Mode should sing this again in this generation.

  • I remember one day I bunked off from school & I stood outside a multi listening to a song. Which I later found out was ‘Look Away’ by Big Country.

  • I’ll forever associate this song with a day in the early 80s when I was out in my mother’s friend’s car. We were intending to go to the coast for the day, but we never got there due to a broken windscreen caused by loose gravel on the road. I believe that at some point this song was playing on the car radio.

    It’s funny how certain songs can become inextricably linked with certain events in your life!

  • Not much chance of new life there…

    Why did you go onto this song if it brings out your PTSD?

  • Thanks for the music history lesson. You specifically said “Kraftwerk never created anything this warm” and I’m saying that is a silly comment to make, and I’ve often heard adjectives like “cold” to describe Germans and it’s a lazy generalisation. The “robotic image” was a sly commentary on technology, as I’m sure you are aware.

  • Nothing”anti-German” about what I wrote. just the facts. The british bands were influenced by Kraftwerk but also by their unique surrounding, and the Punk/post-Punk environment.

    It’s just like Kraftwerk were influenced by older German, French, and American electronic musicians but their own environment as well.

    Finally, it was Kraftwerk themselves who pushed a cold distant “robotic” image of themselves.

  • This is a good tune but,please, “The Model” (which is the template for this genre) and “Neon Nights” , to name but a couple, have warmth to spare. Stop touting anti-German stereotypes.

  • when i was in jail and getting buggered by 4 guys in the shower (yes the guard does look away) this song was on the radio,hated it ever since

  • Lovely stuff – thank you! I was listening to Vicious Pink, JAPAN & new order but missed early D-M. [when they were great.] xx

  • but you’re a homo just for seaching this, listening to it and scrolling through the comments… fag lover, get ur finger out of there closet case

  • lol… i don’t get mad at that especially the way you said it… I don’t have gay friends but all my friends always say that when we’re drunk… “cause you’re a homo” I love it thanks… i got bugged because they only follow the modern since the 90s as most non music lovers do

  • i got bugged for listening to this in 2001… no “new” music(sound we never heard before) came since that time even.. 21st century is fake, crap

  • It really sounds like the track “Airwaves” of Kraftwerk. And not a little…but well I like Depeche Mode too so…