depeche mode new life (live 1980)

depeche mode new life (live 1980)
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  • It looks as if Martin arrived just in time for this performance.

  • I was born in 86,so no shit I never really lived in that golden era. living through the 90s i stumbled on something called VH1 pop up video. before there was that bullshit called i love the 80’s which showed washed up actors and comedians trying to document the 80’s. But anyways when I was young and music was still music. I stumbled on Depeche Modes beats and vocals. years later this song suddenly showed up on youtube. My good childhood of listening to Depeche Mode was nostalgic was back. TY!!!

  • Glorious moments!! I simply LOVE watching these old live show on tv! thank you for sharing,bro!!

  • check this out here on youtube ;-) Depeche Mode or Depech-ey Mode? The Definitive Answer

  • I like how in all these early clips they are introduced as “depeh-SHAY mode”