Depeche Mode New Song 2012 Their Remix of «97 Lies» by: Clear Static.

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  • This is Clear Static- 2005 release NOT DEPECHE MODE! ENOUGH OF YOUR
    BLASPHEMOUS RUMOURS! Oh sure! Lie to me! Just do it with sincerity!

  • This is not DM at all..( ..It’s just a simply ugly pops shit..

  • God, Depeche Mode always knows how to nail it. Inspires me to get my gear
    out of my my flight case. Where can I download this? Checked a few and
    could not find these remixes. Found the original artists tracks not this

  • Esto no es Depeche Mode! dejen de meter basura donde no es!!!!

  • great track but i prefer older things, like «what´s on your mind» or

  • With a name like ebbhead, you should not fail this hard. DM did not mix

  • Its not nice to mislead. Clear Static is not Depeche Mode, n’est pas?

  • Who are these five morons who tried to pass this off as a Depeche Mode
    song? Depeche Mode are three guys and you assholes are five, but somehow
    you have less talent put together than the three guys in Depeche Mode. It’s
    like that four-piece boy band A1 doing A-ha’s ‘Take on me’ and making it
    sound crap even though A-Ha also only has three members. On its own merits
    the song isn’t too bad; it’s a bit repetitive and the lyrics are
    average,but Depeche Mode it ain’t, sorry…

  • What is this track??? SOUNDS SO GOOD!! Is this really Depeche Mode??