Depeche Mode Newborn of the Cure 2009.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • #1 depeche mode. #2 Nine Inch Nails. #3 Morrissey, #4 U2. #5 Evanescence . The Cure? DEAD LAST!!!

  • about time someone finnally realized that these two groups are the best of the best. Thank you for this mix, GREAT JOB

  • i love dark music, perhaps as i have a dark side and a light side, it is great to have light and dark in ones life, the balance of power and well being from light to dark and dark to light

  • do’t touch my Robert Smith!!! the Cure is the best. and your fucked remix is the holy shit from a stinky anus. you’re a damn stupid without love

  • wspaniały ten remix jeden z najlepszych DEPECHE MODE THE Cure pozdrawiam fanów z Polski fan z Gryfina

  • Excellent mix, very well served in the right portions. Awesome!

  • Love this! D=P=CH= is my fav band, with the cure right behind!

  • you can’t know all the DM’s songs if you don’t know this one. Maybe you know almost all the songs of DM, but you could unknown the whole discography of the awesome DM [LOL]

  • the song is called “newborn”. it’s been the b-side of “a pain that i’m used to”. but this mix also features few samples of “blasphemous rumours”.

  • what DM’s song it is? I know alll the DM’s songs.. but this I don’t know..
    lullaby by the cure with which DM’s song??