“Nothing to fear” de Depeche Mode del álbum “A Broken Frame”(1982)

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  • I got “A Broken Frame” on casette in January 1996 cuz I couldn’t find the
    CD in the record store. I bought the disc some 3 years later and have
    listened to it so many times that I replaced the album 4 times. This
    instrumental is PERFECT for late fall/early winter in the pacific Northwest
    on a stormy day!

  • super vecickaaaa z albumu A Broken Frame z roku 1982 :)))

  • My favourite track, also, followed closely by The Sun And The Rainfall. I
    like Monument, too, basically because it’s a Kraftwerk homage.

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  • Actually, DM remained electronic after VInce Clarke left. Their “A Broken
    Frame” was made afterwards and was one of the absolute Electronica classics
    (included this masterpiece, for example). After “A Broken Frame”, they
    remained electronic, but shifted from analogue synthesizers into samplers.
    They used “recorded sounds” from samplers more than the heavenly analogue
    sounds from the first two albums. This can be called “synth rock”, which
    was still Electronica. This lasted until 1990.

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  • Ironically, DM changed from the heavy electronic to more rock oriented when
    Vince Clarke left the band, leaving Martin Gore with the majority of the
    composing. The irony implied here that this “perfect” electronic track, was
    actually composed mostly by Gore – not Clarke.

  • i think this song fuckin wonderful,,but itd be better with some of daves
    vocals over it

  • It was after 1990, after the masterpieces “Music for the masses” and
    “Violator” that they went rock/blues. You could hear it already in
    “Violator”, but then it was still a synthesizer/sampler dominated album.
    After Violator DM became a rock/blues band which uses synthesizers, which
    is something else than an Electronica band.

  • A…blues rock band? I don’t particularly remember Depeche Mode ever
    becoming a blues rock band. I agree with you, though, that the composition
    for this song is fantastic.

  • How come there are no vocals on this track ? Didn’t they have Dave ?

  • The sound palette of this beautiful composition is so fantastic. Every knob
    was turned into the best possible postion. The sounds are not the same but
    reaches that Kraftwerk perfection. Every layer of the classic early 80s
    analogue synthesizers is perfect. The result is an analogue masterpiece
    which will never get old. Depeche Mode later turned into a Blues/Rock band
    with some electronic flavour. They are no longer the Futuristic analogue
    perfection they used to be.

  • They had Dave from the start, but Martin wrote lots of instrumentals for
    b-sides. Some, such as this one, made it onto the LPs!