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  • I wonder why everyone always says Alan was such a genius when it was Martin alone who wrote and created this entire album…including this song. I’m not trying to put Alan down but give credit where it is truely due. Alan was a good musician, but Martin was the true creative genius of the band.

  • He is, even though he told us yesterday in Copenhagen that he doesn’t care much for the old equipment at all, “I am not a synth nerd”, he prefers to work on the computer, “a most powerful tool”. By the wy, I love “Nothing to fear” :-)

  • Alan Wilder was and still is the God on analogue synths and samplers.

  • I found dvd on some DM forum, and audio is replaced by me from A Broken Frame Collector’s Edition :)

  • BRILLIANT, Where did you find this excellent quality(compared to other live Hammersmith vids ive seen)?

  • Alan Wilder in 1982 and in this performance = YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!