A Broken Frame B-Side Depeche Mode Oberkorn (It’s A Small Town) GREAT INSTRUMENTAL!! ^^ PLEASE RATE & COMMENT :)

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  • Sweet, I am reading that right now and just read the part about where they came up with the title.

  • My personal lullaby from the moment I bought the single of The meaning of love. Simply lovely.

  • There was sort of an instrumental Depeche Mode album. In 1991 there were two box sets produced in Japan, called «X1» and «X2». Each had 4 CDs, the first CD in the second box was a collection of their instrumentals titled «Cinco».

  • DM is astounding not only for its unique style, but its incredibly stirring instrumentals. I had only heard Oberkorn a few times before and not for many years now. Thank you so much for putting this up, you’ve made my evening very much delightful. I think I dream of an album made entirely of their instrumentals. That is, unless I’ve failed to notice there already is one.

  • They used this track in the early 80ties as their concert intro. I often asked myself, why it never got listed on the set list.

  • Esta cancion es pura magia, a mi bebe de 5 meses le encanta escucharla a la hora de dormirse

  • No Oberheim on this track. DM didn´t have one at the time.

    PPG Wave 2
    Roland Jupiter-8
    ARP 2600

    among others…..


  • brilliant! songs from DM like this confirm their unique sound/style which are only DM able to produce… DM forever.

  • oberkorn might also be the synth that he uses here for his cmopositino in this track

  • I first heard this on the Depeche Mode box set (6 CDs of their early singles). There is also a longer version, like 10 minutes I believe. Excellent, thank you for posting.