Interview with DM from an old UK TV show…
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четыре + девятнадцать =

  • There was color broadcasting, but not every one had a color set. A lot of homes still had B&W sets.

  • uffff muy bien depeche mode lo mejor de los 80tas hasta ahoras. y siguen dando palo muy bn.

  • Black celebration is the best DM album of all time!!! I love how they picked «Love Like Blood» by Killing Joke.

  • Yes Yes Yes…..Dave is the Man….the cutest the coolest the sexiest deepest.intelligent.warm again.adorable.. he is such a teaser with and without knowing it….i could be right i could be wrong…
    (i love the whole band tho)

  • shut up, fishefood, or i swear i’ll beat your brains in … for the lulz! giggles.

  • wow..dave commenting on mr.lydon & pil-(as well as vince c. -rather sternly :) this is a lost gem..3 of my fav. acts on a grainy vid..excellent..Pretty cute of dave,-»He’s saying,I could be wrong or I could be right»..etc..(I mean,what else COULD you say on the spot.. :)

  • Sorry Ashley but since 1982 he’s been miming the keyboards and his microphone isn’t even turned on at gigs — that’s very well known. I didn’t know about the Playing the Angel stuff though so as you say, that is something.

  • Okay. So he can’t sing. BIG DEAL! But without Fletch, Depeche Mode wouldn’t be Depeche Mode.
    He anounces tour dates. And he plays bass on the piano. (I don know how to spell synthasizer)
    That’s something Musical.
    And plus, he built a compromise between Dave and Martin over songwriting duties for Playing the Angel.
    That’s something.

  • It’s true though. Maybe you have a special place in your heart for him but musically Fletch contributed NOTHING AT ALL to the band!

  • Wow Dave loved «Love Like Blood» and Killing Joke!! Never knew that. I love that song too!

    The more I get to know about Dave the more similar we are. So cool!

  • i hate it when they ask people to explain their songs.
    can’t they make up their own minds, do they have to have everything spelled out for them?