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  • People pay all this money to see concerts and them watch them in these tiny digital screens like wtf?

  • Audience going mad at start of Just Can’t Get Enough @29:34 not a single camera phone in site spoiling the view or the atmosphere! Just how concerts should be.

  • I can’t believe how these guys not only tackled but were able to recognize such truths about the culture and looking so young like little boys.

  • awesome find today. i have this behind the scenes on video tape, with not great quality.

  • Wauw, never seen before, Thanks for sharing! you have uploaded quit some very nice vids.

  • Thank You so much for posting this.
    God! I wish i was old enough back then to actually go and see them…. These people were so lucky.

  • Excelente posteo!,graciass!,muy bueno,nunca! lo había visto a este recital,muy grosoo.Aguante Dpch!.Saludos desde Mar del Plata.
    César [chha101@hotmail.com]