A piano version of the dark instrumental Depeche Mode song Painkiller.
MP3 and MIDI: https://www.chajpi.com/cover/painkiller
Painkiller is an instrumental song by Depeche Mode recorded during the production of the album ULTRA. It was released as a B-side on the Barrel Of A Gun single on 3th of February 1997.
Painkiller was played live on the 1998 The Singles Tour as an intro song. To me, this song represents the deepest and the darkest side of the Depeche Mode, there is however a kind of real life element to it. When I thought about making a cover of this song, I decided to mix the two versions (Painkiller and Junior Painkiller) together. I have used multiple grand piano tracks and the octave slow strings as well. I have also used a lot of reverb effects, an
original effect and the Dave’s voice about addiction, to be able to reach the deepest and darkest realms of life. Now you can see the construction and the details of this masterpiece. I hope you like it! Learn – Play – Enjoy! HAJP

The source of Dave’s voice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ts_hmNCMdXE&t=4s