Just received this beautiful (and down and dirty) Coffee Can Guitar custom made by KP Cigar Box Guitars and messing around with it. When Ken handed it off to me in an undisclosed area along the L.A. river at sunset, I immediately started playing some rhythmic, freestyle slide on it to get some levels on the portable amp he brought. He started singing the verse from ‘Personal Jesus’ along to what I was playing cuz it was sorta close to the main riff of the song. We had some laughs then I thought, shoot, I should probably actually learn this song cuz it’s SOOO GOOOD. Needless to say, thanks for the inspiration KP and here’s where i’m at with it haha. I’ll be incorporating it into the live shows with full on heavy amps and kickdrum so roll out if I’m in your hood! www.lowvoltsmusic.com