Third Depeche Mode cover version using just the Roland JP-8000. Very underrated and very awesome analogue sounding synth!
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  • Did you also made the Drums with it, i guess it is possible. When the JP-8000 was in the shops, i play serveral times on it, but NO MONEY at this time to buy. SOme years ago i bought the JV-1080, and also updated with 4 extra boards. 1. Vintage – 2. Asia – 3. Classical – and 4 Piano Board. The JV -1080 is still a nice machine. I use also 2 Polysix (one it with MIDI) and an old Ms -20. I love to use VINTAGE Toys, hehe. I still work with the ATARI 1040 (Cubase 3.1)

  • can you tell me which patches you use on the track?

    very gooood work ! great!

  • ohhhooooooo very goooooooood yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    I take pictures
    Photographic pictures

  • класс!!! как раз искала такую версию инструменталки!! ^^

  • Amazing reproduction! Where did you get the original drums from?

  • Who says digital can’t do analogue!
    Love your attention to detail. Great cover!

  • Very impressive ! You have the best JP-8000 demos that I know on YouTube and you’re just ridiculing all these kids who are showing off with their expensive “true analog”vintage synths. I personally love analog synths, but the JP-8000 is very good too and so many people criticize it out of ignorance…

  • I think all arpeggios are fine…
    I have always been very interested in the JP-8000 but I never had the opportunity to play with it.
    This is a wonderful cover, it’s very well produced!!….
    CONGRATULATIONS and post more tracks!!/

  • Good job with this. I think you could lose the random arpeggiator at the start because it dosnt go well but the 2nd arpeggiator sequence heard is very good (one at the guitar sound). Nice job. Keep posting,.

  • Another song I covered with ModPlug Tracker, and this time also me with the JP-8000 :-) I focused my cover mainly on the Some Bizarre version of this song.
    Again good work as on Puppets, and if you want I can share the MP3 or IT file of my cover.