Inspired by KVR One Synth Challenge I tried to make a track using my Waldorf Pulse 2 Synth and factory presets only. Apart from that I only used

DrMr Sampler + Hydrogen drumkit TR808909
Invada Compressor (per track)
EQ4Q (per track)
Calf Bass Enhancer (on the bassline only)
Calf Filter (on the bassline only)
Invada Tube Distortion (on one track only)

On the FX-Bus:
Calf Vintage Delay
Tal-Reverb III

On the Master Bus:
Calf Tape Simulator

All of this was done on a Debian 8 Linux with Ardour 4.7 and Saffire 6

Credits for the Midi file this is based on goes to:

Source by Soul Replicant

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