Depeche Mode – Off The Record Vol.1 (1981-03-12 Chincester, England)
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  • why are you looking at this video then fool! Did you accidentally type in
    DM – Photographic Keep your comments to your self

  • I love how DM has changed through the years. In all their changes, they
    have never changed how great they are.

  • Great performance. The only downside is that they couldn’t produce that
    crashing electronic noise just before the instrumental.

  • Thanks, I never get tired of listen to this song :) I’ve uploaded another

  • No problem my friends. I have a lot of old Depeche Mode records, I just
    don’t have much time to share them. I will try to upload some more videos.

  • Oops, sorry, its a different recording. He’s actually shaven here. He’s the
    one on the right end of the stage.

  • amazing!!! love that song!!! (btw here Dave looks a lot like Rick Astley,
    don’t u think???)

  • cute, how nervous he is and today he is one of the best and poised frontmen
    and livepeformer ever. so there is a hope for everyone… equal, where he
    comes from. stupid discussion, by the way …

  • gawd yes! This version is absolutely heart stopping! This electronic music
    from the early 80’s is UN stoppable! Makes me quiver like nobody’s
    business. Such an amazing track and era for music. Life will never be the
    same as it was again. I wanna D A N C E now, Vince Clark = G E N I U S!
    Bright Light, Dark Room

  • the clothing, the dance moves, awesome, i wish i be there and just freak out

  • Its amazing that they still place this song. Its a great song though so i
    cant complain. Although i wish they’d play strangelove alittle more.

  • Oh man, if you could please upload more videos! I love DM music! Thanks for
    sharing this one!!!