1st and 2nd tracks of 20. From the live Album:101 High Quality.

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  • Fitz and the tantrums got a similar new wave sound..but dead or alive is upbeat and semi goth glam

  • Is a dam shame youtube restricts music and video to desk top only viewing or copyright audio restrictions..thats what the site has come to 80% of the time. Then whats the f ing point of site?

  • Actually I take that back, I’ve found their Strange Pleasures Album, from what I’ve heard I’m definitely going to like it and the band :)

  • Been listening to some Architecture in Helsinki stuff, they’re pretty good :).Can’t seem to find any Silent Corners though :/ thank you for taking the time to listen to all of these, I appreciate people that will still listen to what I’ll put up.

  • also silent corners, they are from england too like depeche mode. i have been listening to silent corners while traveling, just wonderful.

  • that was actually pretty good. it took a little while for it to get good for my liking. the time spent uploading must have been enormous so i returned the favour by listening through the entire live album. i recommend architecture in helsinki, a similar band or group to depeche mode. so check them out and find out whether you have a new favourite band, cya. {{{{hug}}}}