Depeche Mode “Pipeline” Live in Cologne, 06.11.1987 during For The Masses tour.
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  • Made possible by the emulator 2 oh thank whoever of a higher power for that

  • I was at this concert. It was at the Sartory Hall and only about 6,000
    people were there. There was a small panic when the Hells Angels hired as
    security guards could not control the crowd going in and some of the
    windows broke. It was awesome!!

  • They used to be real industrial & then they went all soft! Bit of a shame!
    they are STILL a great band though!

  • this song reminds me of full metal jakcet for some strange reason. the part
    where they were gonna smoke that babyson. shooot meeeeh shooot meeeeh !

  • Wunderbare MASCHIENEN MUSIK !! Taking from the greedy, giving to the needy !

  • Great to watch it! This Gig in Cologne was my second DM concert. :-)
    (Nearly forget this Pipeline-Version)

  • probably THIS is my favorite Martin song! Love it for all the right reasons.

  • If only they did a tour with the setlist of this tour… It was awesome

  • I saw them play this in Newport, Wales, in Jan 88. My first ever proper
    gig!! They do do a pretty good job of chucking in rare tracks when they
    play live. A glance at the setlists on the recent tour shows “Dressed in
    Black”, “Freelove”, “One Caress”, “Clean”, etc. They have played “Fly on
    the Windscreen” every night too. Hardly a track anything but the most
    diehard fans will know too well.

  • Great DM song. When their lyrics used to make sense. Now it’s just all love

  • @leleith83 weird, I did have exactly the same idea! Just once listening to
    THIS performance…… Can’t put my finger on it but this song touches me
    probably more deeply than any other song I know

  • god, i LOOOOOOVE this song!! and this is live! LIIIIIIIVE!!!! thanx for
    posting :)

  • Wow what great footage, I saw them play this at the BIC in Bournemouth in
    Jan 88. Love it.

  • Those aren’t drums, it’s a Harley Davidson. I’ve never seen this song live,
    thanx for the upload!

  • always wanted 2 see em…then i did…bit disappointed..the sound was not
    good….but they make good albums