I just received my most recent vinyl LP, Depeche Mode’s, «Violator» from a store in the U.K. The LP cost me 20.33 and standard international shipping was 2.9…

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  • Carbon fibre tone arm? Looks great. Great choice of vinyl too, I ordered
    some DM vinyl today too :) 

  • Is this a reissue? About the only nasty vinyl I ever got from the UK was
    the N.E.M.S. issues

  • It be hard for me to say what you yourself will perceive when you listen to
    an LP on a good system versus say a CD or an MP3 file. I like what I hear
    out of my system. Mine isn’t the most expensive hardware out there. You can
    buy an affordable turntable. I consider the Pro-ject Debut Carbon to be
    such. I’d say if you are curious, start out with a TT like the Carbon. Wish
    I could be more help, but its all subjective.

  • I couldn’t comment on the RP1. I read a lot of reviews and settled on the
    carbon. I’m happy with my choice.

  • Thanks very much for this great sound :) I love DM music, the lyrics, the
    melodies, the voices, and the «deep sound», of synthetisers, carefully
    chosen, that gives immediately the corresponding feeling. Well, I don’t
    want to abuse but if you would had the same vinyl recording for «World in
    my eyes…» I don’t find in on the web. Vinyl Discs is great too, warmer
    than CD and with a normal drum sound level, unlike in the CD where it is
    disproportionate and «breaks the head». Cheers,

  • Hi, is this the 180 gram remastered version of the LP? Got a carbon on the
    way myself. Great sound btw!

  • Sorry, but I made a mistake in answering you man. I did not purchase this
    LP at soundstagedirect. I bought it off Amazon. Sorry.

  • How easy is the Debut Carbon to use out of the box? I’m coming from a
    well-abused Technics P-mount turntable, and this will be my first foray
    into a serious turntable.