2007 WMG Policy Of Truth (Video)

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    The words «immigration», «tolerance» and «assimilation» are being used to PROMOTE a program of geNOcide against White children.

    According to International Law, open borders, FORCED integration, and assimilation is GENOCIDE.

    Except they don’t call it GENOCIDE when it’s done to White children.

    Then they call it «multiculturalism»


    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White


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  • I remember listening to the Violator album 20 years ago and from the first to the last song I was astonished. It is as perfect as any pop album Ive heard. They’ve done plenty of great things before and after but this was their shout for eternity

  • you may aswell lie because by the time you get rumbled for those very same lies you’ll be reaping the rewards.

  • Basically a plain and simple song which gets easily into your head and when you get used to it there’s no way out. Therefore I acknowledge to be addicted to this one since I was a teenager.

  • It’s to late to change events ..it is time to face the consequence..

  • lol I don’t know if you saw jbieber’s name in my post.& that is what u are referring to…but if you read it hopefully you agree..If I was just scrolling through random posts I would say the think the same thing..js

  • who the fuck talks about justin beiber on a depeche mode video? jesus christ.

  • DEPECHE MODE………….80`s…………….those were the days !!!
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  • Know this feeling,
    By the fifth year, I only promised I would never marry her. By year eight, when she did settle down. Year sixteen, she is only my way-ward wife, forever more. Life is a BEE-OUCH.

  • (cont)- like j bieber, one direction, drake, austin mahone..really?!.lol.etc .also way too ,many to mention. that become uber famous literally overnight. You see those groups do not have that classic it factor.So If I do not like any of it now, well, then I will def. not be listening 20 yrs from now! That is all I am trying to say. When today’s boring crap comes on the radio..I try to like it, but I NEVER do! Not like when the Eagles come on the radio.I auto keep it on the station..Take care :)

  • Hello Chris Harris.. I appreciate your thoughts..I def. can see your point. I just see so much more.boring, fake so-called music.For example. I still listen to Depeche Mode, Metallica,Pink Floyd, Led, Z, Nirvana,The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, The Cure, 311, Sublime, U2, The Animals, The Allman Bro’s,the RHCP’s, etcetc, the list goes on for miles! I listened to bands when I was 5 yrs old, that I still LOVE today! You see..to me that is Classic Real Music, not some manufactured puppet (cont)-

  • Back in the day bands like this were considered as you say «manufactured, or then it was called plastic». Mostly due to all the digital aids called sampling, which at the time was revolutionary. Any band who wasn’t analog was fake especially if they didn’t have great guitar players who could do amazing solos. Bands like Depeche and Gene Loves Jezebell were just different style of artists. So the stone rolls on, and nothing is new under the sun, and it’s opinionated by the listener is all.