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  • this version is so much better than rock am ring, the keyboard´s volume is
    steady and they do more improvisation :D

  • You all know this song isn’t about dogs, right? We can relate it to dogs
    but it’s not about dogs.

  • that was such a emotional video.. if your an animal lover!!!! DM is awesome

  • I cried… I cried my eyes out. I was at the Montreal Concert and the day
    of the presentation there were 102 dogs rescued from a breeding facility
    (puppy mill) My dogs are rescued dogs & my life revolves around rescue. I
    live in the North American Capital of puppy mills and where so many animals
    die in gas chambers. Animals are Precious. Please get informed…Adopt and
    Save a Life.

  • someone has only the visual Precious? /// alguien tiene solo las visuales
    de Precious ? lindas imágenes y maravilloso tema!

  • Oh yeah I cried a bit myself at the concert when they played this song. It
    really rises emotions :) Anyone who has a chance to see Depeche Mode
    perform live — don’t miss your chance. Those guys are legends and they put
    on a really amazing and strong show :)

  • Thanks, same to you. I can’t believe I actually cried watching this. It’s
    like they’re speaking right to me. It’s very hard…

  • jup i always feel the same even after over one year my aika had to go…
    are you on Facebook there you can see many Pictures of my beloved animals
    … greetings from switzerland :0)

  • why is fletcher present on the stage i don´t understand. dave has destroyed
    his voice by drugs long time ago. also out of tune at times. sorry, thumb
    down. great song and show though.

  • thanks for your reply.. Good to know that i wasn’t the only one who felt
    this .. it’s so hard to loose a pet after such a Long time .. all the best
    for you

  • i lost my precious dog golden retriever Girl after 14 years i saw the
    concert and i really had to cry at the concert … i love depeche mode

  • Thanks for your reply… Good to know that i wasn’t the only one who felt
    this … it’s so hard to loose a pet after such a Long time.. all the best
    for you…

  • La cancion se llama precious y la proyeccion es simplemente preciosa!!!