Depeche Mode - Precious (PTA Tour 2005)

For higher quality & stereo sound Depeche Mode performing “Precious” in Anaheim on PTA Tour in 2005. I’d li…

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  • dieser mann hat ausstrahlung und weiß das publikum verrückt zu machen, hat es echt drauf! hoffentlich noch recht lange! einfach super, Dave Gahan….

  • concert must be somewhere in Poland… David’s last words “dziekuje bardzo” it’s mean thank you in polish

  • I love this song because it’s beautiful,just like all other DM songs!

  • I love this song because it’s about devorce and the pain, a child is put through because of some decisions of it’s parents. I know how it fells, when parents devorce (once or even more than twice.. )
    “keep room in your heart for both of us” is meant, that a child should love mum and dad equaly, even if they don’t love each other anymore.
    This song is always making me sad. But in a good way, because I know, they never wanted to hurt me.. (although they did!)

  • God damn.. Dave Gahan isn’t young at all, but he’s still one of the hottest men on earth!