Dave Gahan was only 19 in this! They were on Saturday-morning TV in the UK. A “first-and-last” appearance really, the first time I saw them all in leathers, …

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  • I agree! Fletch usually played bass synth at all their gigs that I went to inn the beginning. I remember one of the first was at The Moonlight Club. About 40 people there. We got there early and watched them soundcheck then went upstairs and had a pint with them. This was before Some Bizzare album was released, so was probably 1980.
    A lot of people don’t realize that Fletch is also the Business brains behind the band too. If it wasnt for him, they probably wouldn’t be where they are today!

  • Yeah, it is on so rare occasion that you even quote this.

    “OMG, ppl are stupid!!1 Look at that particular video, timecode XX:XX. You will see playing Fletch.”

    And yes, bass is sequenced/taped. He may play everything but bass

  • Synth bass isnt played…. its run through a sequencer. Fletch really doesnt do much haha

  • Fletch’s bass line playing at 0:08… All those extra keys he’s pressing…. Good thing this is playback.

  • Oh, wait a minute! Because of the hair, I thought the blond was Martin at first, but that’s Martin in the hat! That is BY FAR the coolest Martin has ever looked! There are a million things to say about this. I LOVE Andy in the Captain’s hat, looking so miserable. And why are Dave’s pants so baggy? He looks like he’s wearing diapers! They’re all like, do we have to be SO gay, Vince? Yes! Come on, gay it up! Hey, Vince, we have someone you should meet–his name’s Andy Bell.

  • Fletcher also takes care of the business aspect of the band, which is VERY beneficial to them; having a band member who understands what they may be signing themselves into and, being a band member, has real incentive to inform his band mates if a deal they’re considering is good or raw.

    This helps to ensure Depeche Mode doesn’t get screwed over a table like Duran Duran did when they signed with EMI over Phonogram for patriotic reasons.

  • this is the most butch I’ve ever seen Martin look, lol.

  • thanks for putting up such a fantastic contribution to DM Fans!!!!!!