Puppets (Röyksopp Remix)

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  • this f_ckin norwegians must have elf blood. they never go old :)

  • I love Röyksopps faces sooo much at the picture… They look so young,
    dreamy and cuteeee! XD

  • @JaveDMode a cover is supposed to be sung by someone else that’s not the
    original singer, and isn’t obviously this case.

  • Ahh yes, another example of an egotistical “artist” that takes a song for a
    “remix” yet didn’t remix it at all. They took Dave’s vocals and manipulated
    them to fit an entirely different song. This is not Puppets. It’s cheap and

  • Beautiful remix that really say except that Royksopp are the biggest DJs in
    the world

  • @grandlars All the other videos can be seen though. I’ll watch it on my mac
    instead then :)

  • My 2 favorites mashed up!! yes baby!! this is just heaven!!!!!!!!!

  • i think this is amazing! probably the best remix i’ve heard so far from the
    upcoming dm remix album.

  • @stabbings chill the fuck out dude. if you don’t like the remix, just hit
    dislike and don’t make atrocious comments like “egotistical” about people
    you don’t even know.

  • @stabbings please go and cry more.. do you even understand the concept of

  • @SuperLine83 don’t think it could be better…it’s simply re-interpreted
    and different.

  • Fresh breathe in Depeche Mode songs… go on! more covers!

  • @gerilla98 it’s photo shopped broski trust. they are cute regardless