Depeche Mode in Poland (TV4 VIP)
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  • alan has his own follower so imagine if he is still in the band

  • 1. I would shit my pants if I met them. 2. MARTIN LOOKS BEAUTIFUL! 3. they
    always look beautiful. <3

  • dave to fiut. fani czekali 16 lat a oni ich olali pajace. Polish fans
    waiting for Dm 16 years a DM having Fans in ass:)) – bylem na tym koncercie
    jak VIP 3 metry od DM hehe w sumie niezle tylko mokro:))

  • ich versteh zwar kein wort, aber die bilder sagen alles. dave ist halt der
    geilste typ der welt :-)

  • that’s really scarry to live that sort of famous life …

  • I loove Warsaw and i love Depeche Mode. I matched those 2 things into one
    on 9th June

  • Ok, they were very tired, but hey, I guess they could at least smile or
    wave. It’s a pity some stars don’t appreciate their most devoted fans. Dave
    behaves like a queen, sad thing to say.

  • Depeche mode is the best band in this universe. I’m sure that God also
    hears Depeche Mode!!! XD

  • polish crazzy? imagine southamericans… Depeche M. forever!!!

  • Ok I would say I’m a big fan of Depeche mode, but some fans piss me of so
    much give them a f****ing break, there prob knacked from there flight and
    don’t need a camera in there face…. I saw them at Hyde park in London the
    other year and as I left to go for a slash a fan punched me in the head for
    getting in front of him then a fight kicked off between me and about 8
    (FANS) chil the f**k out people…… see you

  • I don’t understood nothing, but my devotion is the same! congrats!