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Depeche Mode Remixes vol.1 mixed by Lukash Andego

I split the previous compilation into one-hour sessions that i’d like next episodes to record in the future. Enjoy not silence :)

genre: electronic / techno /rock
format: mp3
bitrate: 320 kbit
length: 60 min


1. Depeche Mode — Welcome To My World (Difference Electric mix)
2. Depeche Mode — The Sun and Rainfall (Cyborg mix by Dominatrix)
3. Depeche Mode — Puppets (Phase One mix)
4 . Depeche Mode — Sea Of Sin (Tonal mix)
5. Depeche Mode — In Your Room (Mercurio mix)
6. Depeche Mode — Barrell of A Gun (Scott Wozniak mix)
7. Depeche Mode — Blasphomeous Rumors (Zad mix)
8. Depeche Mode — Sinner In Me (Ricardo Villalobos mix)
9. Depeche Mode — In Chains (Tigerskin mix)
10. Depeche Mode — Waiting For The Night (Pollo mix)
11. Depeche Mode — Should Be Higher (Koen Groeneveld Massive mix)
12. Depeche Mode — A Pain That I’m Used To (Marsheaux mix)