Depeche Mode samples disc from AW auction.

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  • Yes, and no to both… SYNTH wise, newer (as in very recent) is “better” if
    you don’t have the budget for a variety of synths (particularly older
    ones), but won’t sound quite the same and takes time to learn. Sampler
    wise, newer is often better too, unless you’re a diehard fan of a band’s
    sampler. Basically old stuff is FANTASTIC and genuine, but it’s often
    expensive, comes with quirks, sometimes breaks down, sometimes tricky to
    use, etc etc. It balances out in the end, depends what you want!

  • God damnit, you are so, so lucky. I cannot even… the jealousy… it is
    all I can feel…

  • Would newer keyboards be better than this one? Would they be able to do the
    same things and more

  • I was at the auction in Manchester, and played on the E-Max there… I wish
    I could have afforded the sample disks :(

  • Hello firstdevotee You play in the chorus of “A Question of Time” an octave
    wrong. I have times you played properly. Kind regards

  • It all sounds very wonderful….To the hell with the haters…I bet Alan
    prob would not be able to remember HALF the key placements you just
    played…Great job mate!

  • Ok, almost all banks are here, you only need one other track to have the
    entire song. Those track could be played by Martin. Now… what Andrew
    Fletcher actually do? I am a keyboard player and i know about arrangement
    and live performing. But I am almost sure, Andrew is basically a null
    character, probably some sort of manager.

  • How would you know if it’s the same once depeche used? and is it hard to
    get the samples?

  • Idea of these videos are to share the sounds. Not to show how talented I am
    or how much I still remember the tabs of some 25 years old songs. So please
    stop trying to be smart..!

  • @ShaneTaylors1Fan Don´t be jealous. Let him his fun. I let him, too.;-)

  • @nevermusic001 i agree, the samples should be available either as public
    domain or at 25$ or so. I would even consider digging out my EmaxII just
    for the complete sensation :-D

  • Nice! Of course if you would run this into an audio interface poperly we
    could all sample from it :-)

  • @ChildIncomplete hey, I’m 17 and I also have a huge admiration for the New