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  • I’ve spoke to Dave and he is a lovely man, he has come out the other side of life very strong and wise. I don’t think alot of people could remain unchanged after the life he’s had, imagine working in a shop and then finding yourself in a stadium of thousands of people calling your name? yes he went through that unfortunate part of the rock and roll life but he knows himself now and he is lovely and loves his fans, a genuinly humble man x

  • It is extremely sad what Dave Gahan became from the early days of Depeche Mode He…turned into an outright Speedball juicing,
    narcissistic, self indulgent twit.
    The typical materialistic rock and roll heroin junkie, Sadly, he believed the media and fan hype and lost sense of who HE really was, as a human being inside. he’s lucky he didn’t OD to death in LA. I hope he gets better. They were a great band in the early 80’s