Depeche Mode 1982.
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  • I have a vague inkling the girl in the photomat photo is Peter Duncan’s (from Blue Peter) sister also seen on top of the pops with Squeeze dancin to ‘cool for cats’..the brunette -She was in My Guy and various other early 80’s publications if I remember correctly.

  • I wonder who the girl (in the video) is and where she is now…. also, who’s the guy at the very end of the vid, looks like Alan Wilder but probably not..

  • Was if really that long ago. Still seems like yesterday.

  • I used to love those synth phone boxes, put yr 10p in and play away……people quein outside used to get so fed up tho

  • their first masterpiece discovering girls……….and after learning … girls werent the best thing……..their music got better…much much better……………………..

  • What a song. What an era. Send me back to the early eighties Please…….

  • Every time I hear this it makes me smile an think of great times. Wish I could time travel an go back to the 80’s

  • i had a breif affair with this girl/woman johanna yeo known as jo yeo she worked at Murex in the eighties and nineties she has been the only person i have ever loved  and this reminds me of her she was in a proper relationship you see

  • Early teens is when most of really experience music first, and at this age our most powerful emotions are also born, emotion and music such a profound human experience, and I feel so lucky that I was going through this in the 80s, for music seems to be the hearts amplifier, and the 80s was so rich with authenticity and originality. I feel as if the young of today are being cheated with the sterile mass produced crap that comes from the Simon Cowls of the world,

  • Its true..for such a memorable track/time I couldn’t picture the vid either..until I saw them playing tills…

  • Still one of the best techno de la new wave barbershop quartet songs.

  • We’ve all been there. Silver Coin, best arcade in town. Used to play pool with a cute brunette. I thought she just loved playing pool till they closed and I walked her home…A few weeks later, after she started dating a.n.other, her friend told me she fancied the pants of me and I was too naive to notice. This was one of the regulars on the jukebox!

  • Many bands evoke great memories of the early eighties and DM are among the best. A stunning upload and thanks for sharing this all time classic.

  • still going strong last time i heard…superb video and song.