It’s hen-tastic!!
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  • It’s perfectly clear by the look on his face that Martin would rather be
    having a root canal than shooting this video!

  • Yep, and this little song made me turn from a hard rock wannabe into a
    synth pop addict. What I still am, 25 years later… (((sigh)))

  • Compare this to the sound of Construction Time Again a year later. What a
    difference a year makes with Alan’s involvement in the studio and Martin’s
    songwriting slowly evolving.

  • hahahah! It’s just hilarious! WTF is that? When Dave started to sing, he
    was siting with a chicken on his hands, and he looked like a reporter
    giving some news, hehe.

  • i’ve never seen a video as ridculous as that they seem to be so bored but i
    wish i was the chickens!

  • et l’autre qui s’fait une meuf derrière dans la paille, lol !

  • I never seen this before only an Alan`s pic with the chicken Thanx for
    share this!!!!It`s very Funny and they are sooo sweet with the animals i
    can`t stop laugh…!!!!!

  • I like a lot Depeche but, in which office works depeche??? They seems like
    book keepers!!

  • i ask myself why the first videos had alternate versions i know that for
    the band a broken frame its the worst work but is so necesary to make a lot
    of videos? xD the people today watch a video and didn’t make an opinion
    about the video just see the video and the important is the song but really
    is important the image too