Depeche Mode — See You + Interview @ Måndagsbörsen
gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== - Depeche Mode - See You +  Interview @ Måndagsbörsen

First you’ll see a great interview with David «Dave» Gahan. Then Depeche Mode will perform See You, all @ Måndagsbörsen 1982. This television musicshow was broadcast in Sweden from …

  • 2:24 «This first song New Life, what is that about?» «I don’t really know,
    Vince wrote the lyrics, and he’ recently left the band…»

  • 1:45 «What do you want people to experience when they listen to music?»

    Dave: «Just have good fun, and enjoy it with us. They don’t have to find
    anything from the music or the lyrics, as long as they enjoy it.»

    Coming from the band whose songwriter quite possibly writes more religious
    metaphors than any other band.

    Ah, dear, if they even knew what was gonna happen to them in the years to
    come. But we do enjoy it :’)

  • yes, Dave is so extremely cute and his answer sounds so honest and
    innocent, which only adds more plus to him!

  • dave so schüchtern zu sehn…heute rockt er riesige Konzerthallen..voll

  • @Lilian92PL He’s trying so very hard to be polite, as the foolish
    interviewer is basically incomprehensible. She ought to feel totally
    mortified if she ever watches this today.

  • or my god dave you seemed so timid….. have always been him/it you!!!! I
    like your timidity and similar to mine (I start me laughing when I don’t
    want to make her/it notice)!!! fiore90

  • wow, such a young DM. Love the meaning behind the lyrics to «New

  • Que peques se ven. Ahora toda la música está contaminada de «sonidos»
    electrónicos, pero DEPECHE MODE en aquellos años y ahora también siguen
    siendo unos genios.

  • @DuBistMeineSeele I couldnt stop laughing when heard that :D. Dave is great
    and his ‘I dont care about your questions» attitutude ;).

  • Awwwww David Gahan looke so cute back then, and he had a cute smile too. He
    still has a cute smile today!!!! I love dave Gahan so much!!!

  • his little chuckle at 2:22 from «who knows heh heh» is so damn funny