Depeche Mode - 'See You'. Live on the Tube 1982.

The Tube was the best live music program ever (IMHO). Here is a 1982 Depeche Mode appearance, doing their single ‘See You’. More to follow …
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  • Great group DM
    Great song
    Great version
    Pity there was an ad 20 seconds long for One direction before i could see this

  • when you’re good, YOU’RE GOOD!….and when DM is good, they’re the BEST..only The Cure is up there and waving in and out at the ToP!..oh, and New Order does too..the TRINITY of New Wave folks!

  • The opening bars remind me of terminator 2- maybe they ripped off depeche mode ! I think it really needs a reworked remix to bring it up to date , the basic tune and vocals are fab it just needs a 2012 ( sorry thats not r an b or jason deruuuuulo ) maybe a DJ tiesto or something to up the bass and minimise the tinny shite 80s synth .(and yes I love the eighties )

  • it has been said many times their new material is the better, and thats progression, but this is a reminder of how great they were even in the early years. one of the best synth bands of all time!

  • See you una de mis canciones favoritas y muy significativas para mi. uan canción que me causa mucha alegria y en su momento tristeza, pero eso quedo atras y ahora me produce gratos recuerdos de una gran etapa de mi vida, y como lo dije alegria love Ever.

  • In this video vince clarke pressed 14 times the dislike video xD

  • The oldest of old school, this was the best when I was growing up

  • i totally love very very very very much depeche mode new wave synthpop 80s

  • Trailer filmu o fanach zespołu Depeche Mode. Całość niebawem.

    Trailer of the film about Depeche Mode fans of the group. Whole soon.

    Starring: Alan Wilder, Adrian Sherwood, Gareth Jones.

    Best regards, Grzegorz.

    youtube film FAN profil: thefandm