8 videos from the same concert by the great Depeche Mode recorded 1998, in Germany/Cologne. The songs included here are. 1. Never Let Me Down Again 2. Person…
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  • un dave en tres tres grande forme
    des chansons qui resonnent dans le public….le bon temps
    faites nous rever encore mais pas au stade de france !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • depeche for ever ….see my cover of little 15…i’ll be so thankful for your coments

  • The moment when Dave’s directing the camera man what to capture is so funny :) …

  • I’d have to swear like a bargee to express how excellent this whole performance was. Germany, you are so lucky! DM seems to have a special attitude to you and the concerts in Germany are always the most emotional… However, Poland is next after you in terms of best DM concerts :) LOL. Lots of love to all DM fans and hopefully “see you next time” ;) at one of DM concerts!

  • A beautiful little collection of this concert.. Each and every song of this Germany concert is wonderful to hear, and especially to see :)) Dave is great. Nlmda is always breath-taking when you see all people hands in the air with the same rhythm.. And It’s no good…..damn, Dave knows how to rock. DM = Discover them, love them, feel them live. And don’t dare tell others to sit. Stand up!! :-))))

  • Thanks for upload.. Havent seen these concert clips before…
    Does this concert exist in a DVD or a bootleg?
    I’ve been looking for the singles TOur on DVD or a bootleg
    3:00 – 3:40
    One of the most beautiful passages that Gore has ever written and Dave’s performance is heartwrenching..

  • Awesome vid! This does a great job of showing how frickin awesome DM is live. The energy and hotness of Dave and the passion of Martin. Wonderful!

  • DM Shows look great! I like how they do what they do – instead of all that choreographed dance routines junk like the pop bands do! I can’t wait to see DM in Tampa FL. on 09/04/2009!

  • That was my first DM Tour… the singles tour, i saw them live in New York ,it was my first time.

  • I said before (and the comment didn’t appear) I just can’t wait until June 27th !!!!!

  • love this video !! getting me hyped for the tour. best memory- front row 1986 in Vancouver with Book of Love opener.. will never see that ( or front row) again …. prefer the lower bowl seating in my old age-lol

  • Very nice mix. I remember Singles Tour. Nice, Thank u for this

  • from my first breath…my best DM memory…first time I heard “enjoy the silence” live I cried…for happiness
    it was the first time they came in Romania…there were 50000 people there :D

  • It is like 101…when Dave take camera to show audience…. AMAZING!!!