depeche mode – a broken frame.
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  • I really miss the eighties!! :(
    Although, it’s brilliant to have songs like this to remind us of those good days!! =)

  • ♪♫ All I wanna do is see you…..♫♪
    I never tire of hearing this classic song from Depeche Mode!! :)

  • To the ONE dislike, stop listening to justin bieber… cock


  • 1st, Alan was part of DM as Vince substituted keyboardist playing also in concerts during See You Tour, earning 50 pounds a week and without the right to “join the band”. Alan was concerned to cooperate with some ideas, but they refused to. That time, DM concreted A Broken Frame album. During TBF tour they just had Wilder as a sideman again. Best,

  • … times change .. .if everyone made the same music all the time, we’d all be extremely bored.

  • this song makes me shake of joy :) thanks deepmodex 4 the upload

  • True… Music is dead…. Good and original music anyways…

  • I’m so sick of today’s songs being played on the radio…so what am I doing now…I am starting to research and recall all the golden hits of yesterday…(though I’m only 17)…I wanna listen more of 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s songs…. :) and this song is a best example…

  • I’m gonna love this even when I’m 70 years old. it makes me sad in positive way…Just fantastic !!

  • “Dreaming of Me”, recorded in December 1980 and released in February 1981, reaching number 57 in the UK charts was DM’s first single…. amazing band Happy 30th Birthday March 1980/2010….

  • martins firsts song is tora tora tora,one of the best songs ever,but this one was one of the last songs finnish for a broken frame,satelite was yhe last completed song.the sun and a rainfall was planned to be the single at first.

  • Dave stealing at the supermarket,souvenirs souvenirs! Lol Martin at 1:59 2:05!!

  • This is one of my fave video’s ever! Really 80’s - good days!

  • I like how the main riff is “played” with phone buttons, home computer keyboards, remotes, handheld electronic games, and so on.