Martin Gore.
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  • it’s sooooooooooooo impressing! I’m tearful when listen it especially in
    martin’s perfomance…;) ohhh…

  • I was there, in Assago-Milan 2006, among those people.. unforgetteable
    wonderful memory…

  • Mon copain m’a fait écouter DM, j’ai eu un coup de foudre pour cette
    version de Martin… Sa voix résonne comme celle d’un ange sur ces paroles

  • wow….. it’s so different…but incredible! Gore should sing more.

  • I always thought this was one of the saddest songs ever written…but, :)

  • Amazing!!! One of my favorite DM songs!! Awesome version, brings back so
    many great memories.! Thanks for posting this…

  • I think that Depeche Mode is like enjoying a dish made by a world class
    chef. You always hit the strongest flavor or the most prominent ingredient
    first, which would be like listening to Dave. But then, as you eat more of
    the dish, you taste the intracies of the food, which is what you hit when
    you are hearing Martin’s brilliant singing and songcraft. All in all, it’s
    a totally amazing experience, and one that is unique and wonderful in its
    own way.

  • veramente
    kazzo quanto sei bravo!!!!!