Depeche Mode - Shake The Disease (Live 1988)

There was no videoclip – so I made one with the footage of 101 :-) Enjoy!

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  • tenia 17 años cuando fue este recital. mi banda favorita de siempre. en
    uruguay habia poca gente que le gustaba el tecno pop.esto es musica
    señores……depeche mode en toda su esencia.nada lo igualara.una banda
    unica.mi pena…. nunca los pude ver en vivo.tendre esa oportunidad?

  • I remember sleeping in front of Music Plus Records to get get tix for the
    Rose Bow Show.. so worth it

  • DM at their peak…I was at the Rose Bowl, 8th row…never forget~

  • Oooops! I meant to type… I also saw DM in concert at the Amphitheater and
    Arrowhead Pond… the “Devotional Tour”! I apologize about the “type-o”! I
    do love you Depeche Mode and your music always! Depeche Mode is a
    one-of-kind kind of band like David Bowie (well, I know he’s a singer),
    Madonna (well, I know she is a singer, too!), the Beatles, etc… I’m sure
    you see my drift!

  • I saw Depeche Mode in concert in 1988 at the Rose Bowl… the ‘101’
    concert! It was the best concert I have ever been to! Other bands opened up
    for DM like New Order an OMD to name a few! I also saw DM I concert at
    Universal Amphitheater and Arrowhead Pond… the “Devotional Tour”! Depeche
    Mode will always be my favorite band!!!!

  • I’m 13, and this song makes me cry every time I hear it. <3 I will love
    them forever. <3

  • No está en los samples.. dispara y controla las luces del escenario