Song: Shame Band: Depeche Mode Album: Construction Time Again Year: 1983 Genre: Synthpop, Industrial pop.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


Depeche Mode — Two Minute Warning (Remix ) @ Construction Time Again 1983.

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  • OMG I love Satellite totally goes down as a Favorite of mine. I gotta my favorite album these days has to be Ultra though once you get half way through Barrel of a gun the its freaking sublime.

  • I like Construction Time Again a lot, much more than Black Celebration, for example. For lyrics, CTA is my favorite album, but for the music by itself (and for lyrics about relationships, I guess) my fav is ABF.

  • Construction Time Again is where depeche Mode found it’s «stride»… this was there first «perfect» album with «their sound» … A Broken Frame is great , but it has some «cute» stuff left from the influence of Vince Clark, however «Leave In Silence», «My Secret Garden» and «Satellite» are the best Depeche Mode ever, especially «Satellite»…. total lost forgotten track—maybe the first of the dark side appearing

  • Since I was 14 in 1985, A Broken Frame has always been my favorite Depeche Mode album, but listeneing to Construction Time Again in the last few weeks, I might have a new fav. Some Great Reward might be third now. Ha!