Music video by Depeche Mode performing Should Be Higher (Live on Letterman).

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  • Cannot make my mind up which track off the new DVD I like the most —

  • This is almost like vintage Depeche Mode with 3 keyboardists playing and a
    kick ass bass line. Only the live drums keep it from being true homage to
    their roots. Best song on Delta Machine and their best single since It’s No
    Good on Ultra. Depeche Mode rules.

  • Not at all. He’s married with kids. He’s just not afraid to dance:-)

  • Gahan is not gay, the girl in white in the front row is his wife, actually
    none of the band are gay, they are only «excentric»

  • Going to see them in Birmingham in January 2014….can’t wait, he’s soooo
    sexy and Martin Gore has such a great voice that compliments Dave Gahans
    voice brilliantly…Love them xx

  • Dave is sooooooooooo Sensual, his voice, his moves, the music.. everything
    about Depeche Mode is Dream.. Journey and Class !!!

  • Their concert in San Diego was amazing! I miss them already. I was also
    fortunate to see Dave Gahan perform at the 2011 Musicares, a moment I’ll
    never forget!

  • Hell yeah…This is my joint right here! So excited to see them n San Diego
    and in L.A.

  • Can`t stop watching it!!! Since so many years….Stimes I think I have lost
    my mind…in DM

  • You’ll want to relive it over and over and over and never stop thinking
    about it aaahhhh <3