“We first heard Achtung Baby working on Songs Of Faith And Devotion with Flood. It was the closest our bands ever got: U2 had become more electronic while De…

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  • Mis dos bandas favoritas!!!! no hay nada mejor que esto1

  • can’t compare really. U2 had more success, but i love both, both great bands with a big successful career more than 30 years.

  • Depeche Mode, the greatest electronic band of all time. When it comes to rock music, our parents had the Beatles, we have U2; both the greatest in their time. It would be a monumental event if U2 and Depeche Mode played on the same stage together. I doubt it would happen but we can always dream. It would be extremely well received since fans of DM are fans of U2 and vice versa.

  • A cover is about a band shaping a song to its own style. Personally I prefer the original one even if I’m a huge fan of DM but just because it sounds more natural and touching for me. Hopefully U2 will also make a cover of a Depeche-song… Never let me down would be a great choice for exapmple:)

  • Two good bands: U2 and Depeche. Depeche dumb fans can just shut the fuck up? Enjoy the music!

  • DM covers U2…brilliant….would be the same if U2 covers DM….just like The Cure covers DM….all are big bands in the universe

  • well i’m a mega U2 fan and I think that this is bloody brilliant!!

  • the only thing that could possibly have made this track better for me would be to have had a vocal track of Martin Gore and a guitar track by the Edge on it! otherwise, it’s damn near flawless, in my opinion. greatness paying tribute to greatness! goddamn, i love music…

  • You can’t say that DM are better than U2!Music is subjective :) U2 <3