CBS Interactive’s award-winning webcast concert series, LIVE ON LETTERMAN, kicks off 2013 with Depeche Mode.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Fuck all these moaning guys who think what good music is all about , you
    know what?? stay with all DM old school music dont even bother about
    listening to their new material, this is good fucking new stuff if you cant
    appreciate it then forget that DM ever existed for you because it still
    exist for true fans like myself and others.

  • The new one is for the real fans.Give up to the casual listeners.

  • People are judging the new album by 4 live tracks they’ve never heard
    before…. give the album a good listen then decide!! This song is upbeat
    probably the worst out the three but it’s not a bad song at all!!

  • Do you really think that someone is interested in your opinion about
    anything, du Honk.

  • they need to work on the live version of this some more. blame the desire
    for them to use a live drummer on everything now when they perform… im
    certain the album version will demolish this.

  • The melody sounds very basic as far as song writing goes. Almost like a
    child wrote it. Not what I would expect from pioneers of electronic music.
    I bet my life that Dave wrote this song and its probably his first attempt
    at writing on his own. I just hope the rest of the album is more like
    Should Be Higher which is BRILLIANT.

  • But you can’t deny being a “fan” (which unincidentally is the contraction
    of “fanatic”) can take very acritical connotations. I am listening to DM,
    since 1985, and I do think some criticism is legitimate, this has little to
    do with the magic, which of course to some degree is always in DM songs.

  • Sounds of the Universe was amazing this album is ok but seems forced

  • Whoa. 33 seconds in is totally The Count’s song from Sesame Street: “1 2 3
    4 5 . . . 6 7 8 9 10 . . . 11 12.”

  • stop listen to the band if you dont like them. AND QUIT WHINING

  • Some one of the moaners have to explain me why “a question of time” with AW
    was good while this new track is bad.Good luck.

  • Yes, but claywag criticism is legitimate, despite the fact he was a bit
    carried away as he got insulted. Re-read his posts and you’ll se he has a
    point. For the rest, of course I agree with you. My favorite albums as a
    whole are “Exciter” and “Black Celebration”.

  • Moaners are annoying, I agree. But please… “true” fans means neither
    loving all or loving some of a band. People can like and dislike what they
    want. As for Soft Touch / Raw Nerve… my favorite of what I’ve heard so
    far of the released Delta Machine tracks.

  • Thanks for the advice but I’ve already done.It’s a great version i must say.

  • what the hell is this ?. I can´t believe they once were ” my band”. So

  • This is one of their best album to me.I’m 40 and passed through every era.

  • Nonetheless, “Exciter” is probably one of their most original and
    accomplished albums. ;-)

  • There’s been somany bands that would not exsist if they didn’t.